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About Vidyapeeth IAS Academy

Vidyapeeth IAS, as a concept finds roots in the words “vidya” and “peeth”, where vidya means wisdom and peeth signifies a sacred shrine. It translates to the tagline “a temple of education”. This highlights the VISION of Vidyapeeth IAS that “education is a pious endeavour and must be imparted with high degree of devotion and excellence.” Vidyapeeth IAS is a premier institute for civil services examinations led by a team of dedicated mentors who, by the virtue of their experience, know this exam to the best of their knowledge and abilities, better than the rest. The faculties hail from the finest academic backgrounds in India, and have produced numerous IAS officers to their fame. We envisage a MISSION to bring the best of the metros to the lower tier of cities too and spread quality education even outside the traditional hubs and centres of learning to the common man.
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Why Vidyapeeth IAS?

Vidyapeeth IAS is passionate about its task of training IAS aspirants. The faculties are highly qualified to train IAS aspirants. They are reachable to each curious IAS aspirant so that the doubts are resolved amicably, with minimal fuss. The batch sizes are rational, so that every student garners adequate personal attention. We are one such platform that gives a comprehensive coverage of all the areas of an IAS exam, from the Preliminary stage till the Interviews. You are in safe hands, because we know our job well!

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