Political Science(PSIR) Optional

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By Shubham Aggarwal (Political Analyst & Foreign Policy expert, New Delhi) Comprehensive coverage of complete syllabus (even the hidden parts of syllabus, not explicitly mentioned) Hybrid classes(1-to-1 LIVE interaction online/offline ) 4-5 months of rigorous sessions, support till interviews! Current Affairs linkage from the Hindu & Indian Express Answer writing practice Rational batch size & approachable faculties Personal attention & Doubt clearance for each aspirant

The course covers PSIR Paper 1 Part 1 (Static portions ~ Political thinkers/Thought, Political Ideologies, and Political Theory) PSIR Paper 1 Part 2 (Indian Governance and Politics) PSIR Paper 2 Part 1 (Comparative Politics, Theory of IR, Global Politics ) PSIR Paper 2 Part 2 (Indian Foreign Policy and India’s relations with the world) Static + Dynamic portions All relevant study materials ~ Class notes, pdf’s, debates and discussions!

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